CBD has been around for several years. For a long time, people thought its primary use was to get high and have a good time. But, as it does ever so often, science came along and proved that wrong. Now, CBD is legal across most of the United States of America, and people use it for different things, including hemp soap.

Considering that the name is “hemp soap,” it’s not hard to imagine that this type of soap is made from hemp. It has grown rather popular in recent times.

So much so that many people use it as an organic treatment for their skin. Among other things, we can credit this popularity to the multiple health benefits that the soap offers.

But, that’s not all there is to know about the CBD soap. Join us as we walk you through all the necessary bits of information about hemp soap in this article.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Hemp Soap

When you’re looking for a new soap to have your bath, we’d like to take a wild guess and say you don’t put too much thought into it. The exception to this is if you’re particular about certain ingredients or you’re loyal to a specific brand.

However, if neither of those happens to be the case, the chances are that you just keep walking past shelf after shelf until you find something that stands out. But, with hemp soap, it’s not the best idea to just “freestyle” like that.

You need to consider five different factors before you make your purchase.

They are:

  1. Ingredients Used in Production

Naturally, hemp soap is organic. Many of the materials are usually sourced naturally, with very little external components included for whatsoever reason.

However, so many companies are involved in producing this type of soap. Unfortunately, they don’t all follow the same recipe.

You can’t exactly blame them, though. After all, they need to have a marketing edge over their competitors. However, that marketing edge might not sit right with you.

So, you need to check what’s in their soap. This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin or you’re prone to allergies.

Be sure to look out for any ingredients that have given you trouble in the past. If the soap you intend to buy contains that ingredient, you should definitely reconsider even if they’re minute.

However, if it doesn’t, you’re good to go, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

  1. Skin Type

If you’re reading this article at all, the chances are that you enjoy taking care of your skin.

In that regard, we must say that we’re pretty impressed. Not everyone understands the importance of proper skincare.

However, as someone who’s interested in proper skincare, we’re sure you must know that people have different skin types. This affects how their body reacts to many topical products, and they need to be careful about what they apply to themselves.

So, before you go ahead and buy any kind of CBD infused soap, you want to make sure that it goes well with your skin type. This is why many companies specifically create their soaps to tend to specific kinds of skins. While some are excellent for oily skins, others are much more suited to dry skins’ needs.

Whichever skin you have, ensure that your soap doesn’t harm it. For example, if your skin is sensitive or dry, it might be a good idea for you to avoid foamy bathing soaps.

It might not necessarily cause you to have intense breakouts. But, many of the ingredients that companies use to make foamy soaps aren’t exactly kind to the skin.

  1. Scent

While this might not be a big deal for some people, the chances are that you’re very particular about what your soap smells like. There’s nothing strange about that. Nobody wants to walk around smelling like cheap perfume just because they made the wrong choice among bathing soaps.

That’s why you need to pay peculiar attention to scent before you buy your hemp soap. Does the company use any kind of perfume? Do you like the kind that they use? Has it given you any issues in the past?

The last question is particularly important because some perfumes in soaps can actually cause negative reactions on sensitive skin. So, make sure that you keep the scent in mind before you go ahead to buy your CBD soap.

Our advice here is that you should go for one that uses natural scent. If you find it appealing, the problem is about 70% solved.

This is because there aren’t a lot of ways you can go wrong with organic/natural products, in contrast to their artificial counterparts.

  1. Production Location

Alongside everything else we mentioned earlier, you need to know where soap manufacturers create their products. This doesn’t directly impact your skin. But, it is still as important for several reasons.

The primary reason might be a bit difficult to wrap your head around, but let’s break it down. If your hemp soap’s production location allows legal hemp growth, they won’t have to wait several days for the plant to get to them.

As such, they’ll get a fresh supply of the cannabis plant when they need it. This leads to better quality.

  1. Size

This is the last as it applies to all kinds of soap, but it is not the least.

Before buying it, you want to know the size of your soap. This is because you definitely don’t want something that will last a few days and just fizzle out afterward. This will be just as frustrating as it is cost-ineffective.

So, before you get your soap, be sure to consider this. Alongside the satisfaction you’ll get, your bathing soap bills won’t soar unnecessarily.

5 Benefits of Using Hemp Soap?

Hemp, without the THC, is generally very rewarding. This is particularly so when you use it in the right way.

Apart from hemp’s general health benefits, the soap made out of this plant also has a few edges over others. Let’s find out what they are.

  1. It is rich in nutrients

One of the best things about hemp is that it contains some of the best nutrients your body will need at any point in time. These include everything from omega -3, -6, and -9 to the essential fatty acids.

Of course, this doesn’t make any sense to you if you’re not very familiar with these elements. But, the functions of these nutrients within your body and even on your skin are phenomenal. We’ll explain how.

For starters, these omega fatty acids are excellent for many skin conditions. If you happen to be going through a bit of stress in dealing with damaged, itchy, or dry skin, this soap is great for you.

What’s particularly impressive is that it doesn’t matter if the problems come from the environment or from eczema. You can rest assured that you’ll be on your way to much more comfortable skin with the essential fatty acids in CBD soap.

These essential nutrients help nourish the hair that’s growing on the surface of your skin. It leaves them looking healthy and clean. However, the thing that ranks at the top of benefits is the nutrients’ ability to reduce inflammation.

  1. It is great for moisturizing

Any good soap should be able to help you moisturize your skin properly.

While some brands try to deliver on that, they don’t always farewell. However, with CBD soap, you really don’t have much to worry about.

Owing to its organic nature, you can easily use it to give your skin that perfect glow. It doesn’t take away your natural oils while adding to your skin’s clean, healthy moisture.

As such, you can use it to wash your face conveniently with no worries.

  1. Anybody can use it

Now, you should definitely put your skin type into consideration before picking a specific CBD soap. However, other than that, the soap is compatible with pretty much anyone. How so?

Well, this soap contains less than 0.3% of THC. This means that you cannot possibly get high from during use. As such, you can easily use this soap with your kids while they enjoy the benefits that come with it.

  1. It’s suitable for soothing sunburns

Another benefit of hemp soaps is that they are effective in treating sunburns. Unlike harsh regular soaps and gels that make the first shower after a sunburn painful, hemp soap speeds of the skin healing process.

Thanks to the fact that their oil has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 6-rating, hemp seed soaps can also be used for all types of skin burns.

  1. It helps to treat certain skin conditions

Psoriasis, rheumatism, and dermatitis are some of the hardest skin conditions to treat.

Hemp soap is a natural solution to these conditions because it provides anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin. It also helps to the reducing swelling and redness that are associated with skin breakouts.

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