If you’re someone who puts their health above everything else, you probably prefer using natural cosmetics. Hemp shampoo should be at the top of everyone list as a product that provides various medical benefits to your skin.

Needless to say, most producers use natural, organic hemp for their items.

So, why should you use this hemp shampoo?

First of all, it can strengthen and moisturize your hair. It also promotes healthy growth, which is a very uncommon trait for shampoos and other cosmetic products.

The secret behind this product is in an overwhelming number of minerals, proteins, vitamins, omega fatty acids, but also cannabinoids. Oftentimes, shampoo producers will add some additional ingredients and a carrier oil to create an even stronger impact on your hair.

Here are some of the main benefits when using hemp shampoo. Check them out!

What do I need to know about hemp?

Hemp is a part of the cannabis Sativa family.

People often mistake it for traditional cannabis and perceive it as potentially dangerous for consumption. This cannot be farther from the truth even though hemp has a similar chemical composition as marijuana.

For the longest time, hemp was used as an industrial plant. You can make textiles, plastic, composites, paper, and many other amazing things with this plant.

However, it was also classified as an illicit substance because it’s a part of the cannabis family. The recent discoveries taught us that, although hemp has THC (a psychoactive substance found in cannabis), it is safe for human use.

THC content is very low, which prompted the government of the world to legalize the substance and allow it for public consumption.

Nowadays, people utilize hemp to extract CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in this plant. It can be used to treat various conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammations, etc.

Cannabidiol is a sedative that has an impact on both the brain and muscles. It relaxes them, which makes it great for unwinding. It is also very important to note that CBD oil is mild, and it rarely causes side effects.

What are the main benefits?

As already mentioned, hemp has very strong sedative properties. It can help us relax, but this isn’t the main reason why cosmetic companies use it for shampoo.

Hemp has numerous nourishing matters that will assist both your scalp and your hemp. The extract is absorbed by the scalp and follicles.

Once it penetrates our body, CBD found in the shampoo will start binding to endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors regulate numerous processes in your body.

The best thing yet is that our organisms perceive substance as a natural substance. Because of that, it doesn’t cause any side effects which are otherwise common for other drugs.

CBD can help with your tissue in various ways. It is great for inflammations, infections, redness, etc. So, it can even be used medically.

But, there is more to this shampoo. Given all the nutrients we previously mentioned, it can help rejuvenate skin on your scalp, strengthen your hair, and return natural shine to it.

Avoiding chemicals

If all this wasn’t enough, hemp shampoo is a great way to avoid chemicals. Most producers label it as a natural product.

It is usually made from organic components, and only a handful of companies add volatile chemicals that can otherwise be found in traditional cosmetics. Because of that, not only will you be able to rejuvenate your skin, but you will be able to prevent further damage to it.

This is something that most people forget when using shampoo; although they are meant to help us, they can also have a bad impact on your follicles and scalp.

When you use hemp shampoo, you avoid artificial dyes, sulfates, scents, and parabens that are common for shampoo products. Almost every shampoo has preservatives and chemicals.

The main function of these two ingredients is to mask all the toxins and unpleasant smells that a shampoo would otherwise have.

Hemp shampoo is so efficient that some people choose to create their own. You will be glad to hear that almost anyone can make this shampoo in their own home.

You just need CBD oil, carrier oil, and if you wish, some additional, minor ingredients.

How to use hemp shampoo?

Although very different in terms of its composition, hemp shampoo is used like any other shampoo. You won’t have to rub it in forcefully or to change your daily routine when using it.

Make sure to put some shampoo on your hand, put it in on wet hair, and start rubbing in. After a while, you just rinse it.

Given that this product is full of valuable ingredients, we suggest that you rub it for a longer period of time. In fact, the longer you rub it in, the better results it will provide.

We have to remember that hemp shampoo is very mild. Even if you use it excessively, it shouldn’t cause any damage to your follicles.

This also means that you don’t have to be so careful when rinsing it. In fact, if it’s a warm day, you just might consider leaving it to dry naturally.

If you wish to get an even better boost, you can combine hemp shampoo with a hemp conditioner. That way, you will get two-fold benefits while avoiding strong chemicals twice over.

Is hemp shampoo better for dry or oily hair?

Hemp shampoo has so many benefits, and you should use it for your hair regardless of hair type.

A plethora of nutrients will do wonders for follicles and scalp without exposing you to harmful substances.

That being said, the product still provides better results for dry hair. It gives hydration, and it is especially good at preventing breakages.

Where to buy hemp shampoo?

Nowadays, hemp products can be found in almost any natural product store.

You can, of course, buy it in pharmacies and department stores. As hemp becomes more widespread, it will be easier to notice items such as this.

Needless to say, you can buy hemp shampoo from any specialized cannabis store, including web stops. If you have a pet, we strongly suggest that you give our ZuRI Healthy Skin & Coat CBD Shampoo a try.

Is hemp shampoo legal?

A lot of countries are in a process of hemp legalization.

Sometimes, laws may vary from state to state and from region to region. If you’re from the US, you will be happy to hear that hemp products are legal on a Federal level.

There are still a few states that haven’t legalized these products, but besides them, you shouldn’t have any issues buying and using hemp shampoo.

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