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CBD Muscle Balm: The Ultimate Guide [2020]

CBD Muscle Balm: The Ultimate Guide [2020]

CBD products can now be bought almost anywhere and CBD muscle balm makes no exception. They are sold in specialized cannabis stores, pharmacies, organic food stores, and big department chains.

And to be honest, this hype is warranted. As a substance that can help you treat various ailments, CBD provides an organic replacement for some of the more volatile, traditional drugs.

CBD muscle balm is a product that is rarely mentioned. Consumers usually focus on products that have a wide variety of effects, such as CBD oil or CBD edibles.

Although each of these products is great in its own regard, CBD muscle balm provides something that is very rare: an organic relief for sore muscles.

What is CBD muscle balm?

This balm is also referred to as CBD muscle rub. It is a topical product that can be applied anywhere on your body as long as it doesn’t touch the mucous membrane.

Depending on where you buy it, the product can come with specific fragrances. The cannabis companies use carrier oil as a basis so, you can buy a CBD muscle balm that has peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, and so on, as one of the main ingredients.

People use CBD muscle balm to treat sore muscles, pain, but there are some indications that it can be used for some other, severe medical conditions. A great thing about CBD topicals is that they usually have a low THC content.

THC is a substance found in cannabis that gets us high. That being said, you can use this item without having to worry about this potential issue.

How do CBD topicals work?

CBD topicals are commonly used for skin. Certain products, such as CBD oil, can also be ingested.

Keep in mind that most of these items are organic; they rely on natural substances without adding strong chemicals. So, even if you ingest some of them, they won’t cause a ruckus within your body.

CBD muscle cream is applied to a specific area of a body that requires attention. It is often used by athletes that have sore muscles or those who are recovering from an injury.

However, it can also be potent for people who have inflammations or some other surface issues. CBD impacts the exterior layers of our skin.

It will not enter our bloodstream, which means that it doesn’t have the same impact as edibles. This also means that you cannot use topicals to treat conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. CBD muscle cream has a lot of common things with the standard, over-the-counter pain relief creams.

As you can presume, the main reason CBD hemp balms are so effective is that they have a high concentration of CBD or cannabidiol. When applied to the skin, the substance interacts with endocannabinoid receptors within the tissue.

When stimulated, they regulate numerous processes in the body restoring natural balance. Among others, they can be great for pain management and muscle relief. So much so that some people even recommend CBD topicals for muscle spasms and various degenerative muscle conditions.

When combined with certain essential oils, CBD can provide an even stronger analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. This is especially for CBD/peppermint oil combination.

Will CBD muscle balm work for me?

Each person has a different biological system, and with that, it is sometimes hard to determine if CBD muscle balm will provide the necessary relief.

Generally speaking, it should help you with almost any type of pain or inflammation, but we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. Most users will tell you that CBD creams have a soothing, relaxing effect on the external tissue.

The quality of a product also plays a major role. Keep in mind that the cannabis market is still not properly regulated, so there are a lot of low-quality items out there.

Additionally, you need to consider the dosage and essential oil used as the basis. Depending on which formula was used, you might get better or worse results.

The three groups of CBD topicals

CBD topicals can be placed in 3 groups: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum, and isolates. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

Full-spectrum is the most common product out of the bunch. It is a CBD topical that has all the cannabinoids, including THC. Broad-spectrum has all these substances without THC, while isolates focus on one particular cannabinoid.

THC content can be very important when you use CBD products like edibles. In larger quantities, this substance can get you high, even though most countries limit the allowed THC percentage within CBD products.

It is not that important if you’re using it as a cream; THC will not penetrate your bloodstream, so; you cannot get high when you use it in such a capacity.

Before you start a CBD muscle balm therapy, it is recommended that you visit a cannabis doctor. They can give you a good piece of advice regarding the dosage.

If you prefer not to go to a doctor’s office, you can dose it yourself. Keep in mind that it’s much better to start with a smaller quantity. If the product doesn’t provide relief, you can easily increase the dosage.

CBD muscle cream research

According to studies, CBD can be really great for inflammation. So, besides empiric evidence, there is also scientific data to back up this claim.

The main problem with these studies is that most of them utilize the whole plant. In other words, the test subjects are given a plethora of substances including THC.

Various studies have been performed over the years. According to some of them, CBD topicals can be great for arthritic knees reducing inflammation and pain.

Another study shows that the substance can help patients who are dealing with multiple sclerosis. Apparently, it can increase mobility and reduce the pain associated with this ailment.

In conclusion

Although most data shows that CBD is good for pain (both chronic and acute), most governments of the world are still conservative regarding aggressive legalization and regulation. Instead, they prefer a much slower approach.

According to the Arthritis Foundation survey, 2,600 patients were questioned regarding CBD and its efficiency. The survey has shown us that 79% of them have tried or at least considered trying the product.

Even if the substance doesn’t provide the impact we would like, a lot of people are still interested in the legalization and popularization of these products.

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