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We are offering Half Off all CBD products – Back to School Promotion!

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We are forever grateful for your continued support and can now offer monthly subscriptions for your CBD! 10% discounted rate will apply to all purchases…Call Us Today (512)549-6900 to get started!

Saturdays – Lakeway Botanicals at Barton Creek Farmers Market

Happy Hemp Harvest 2020! We are delighted to join one of Austin’s oldest & best Barton Creek Farmers Market Saturday 9-1 PM! Texas Hemp farmers have just harvest their first beautiful buds!  We will be selling fresh “flower” and pre rolls of CBG-CBD. CBG is one of the Cannabis (Hemp) plants dominate cannabinoids known for […]

CBD Suppositories: Everything You Need to Know

cbd suppositories

CBD suppositories are a CBD product that is rarely mentioned. However, due to their usefulness, they’re slowly starting to attract attention. Some people dislike suppositories because of their point of entrance. Others dispute their usefulness. No matter what you may think about them, CBD suppositories are a great way to administer cannabidiol to your body. Like […]

Hemp Shampoo: Benefits, Usage and How to Buy It

hemp shampoo

If you’re someone who puts their health above everything else, you probably prefer using natural cosmetics. Hemp shampoo should be at the top of everyone list as a product that provides various medical benefits to your skin. Needless to say, most producers use natural, organic hemp for their items. So, why should you use this […]